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Fancy getting a laptop for FREE when you buy a new contract phone? On this website you'll find all the free laptop phone deals available at the UK's leading mobile shops. You can search by network, phone manufacturer, store and line rental cost to find the best laptop + phone offer to suit your budget and needs. You can also view all the mobile phone handsets available with a FREE laptop and select one to view the deals.

Want a FREE laptop?
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  • search for FREE laptop deals by network, phone, brand or shop
  • select the laptop and contract deal you like
  • buy online at the mobile store with that deal
  • get your new laptop completely FREE

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This website makes searching for a contract mobile phone deal with which you get a free laptop pc very easy. We display all the offers available at the UK's leading mobile retailers for you, so you can easily find the best deal to suit your needs by comparing monthly line rental, tariff (including free minutes and free texts), laptop model, contract duration, handset price (though most are for free), cashback (some shops even give you cashback in addition to your free gift) and retailer.

If you have a preference for a certain network (i.e. O2, Vodaphone, Orange, T-Mobile or 3) just click on it's logo to view all the phones and mobiles available on that network with a laptop. Or, just click on the 'deals' under the network logo to view all the deals.

You can follow the same approach if you prefer a certain mobile brand or phone shop. In case your looking for a specific phone model, we suggest you use the search selection box to find all the laptop deals for that phone. You can even set the maximum monthly rental you'd like to pay.

It's worth noting that the laptop specification may differ between the retailers and offers. They're all from very reputable brands though, including the like off Samsung Laptops, Dell, Sony, HP Laptops or Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

To get one of those free portable PCs, you will need to complete the buying process online through the retailers website, as these deals are normally not available over the phone or in-store. You will also need to be accepted on the network, as you're taking out a mobile contract, before you get sent your free gift.

If you wonder why these shops can give you a freelaptop when you buy a new phone, it simple: the competitive nature of the UK mobile phone industry means that the networks reward the stores when they sign you up to a new contract. The shops just use some of this to create enticing deals which include fre gifts like, HP, Dell, Samsung or Fijitsy laptops. Some shops even give you some cashback as well.

All the price and deal data on this site is updated daily, meaning new phones, mobiles, tariffs, casback offers and laptops are added all the time. If you therefore cannot find the laptop or phone you're looking for, or want to wait for the prices to drop, we suggest you bookmark us and visit back regularly.

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